About Me

Everette Rong

  • Male
  • Height: 1836 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Hometown: Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
  • DOB: January, 1998

Additions to my identity

  • Founder of CEA International
  • Author of Hyve Framework
  • Author of EverVim [Github:LER0ever/EverVim]
  • DBC Society (Shenghan) Lifetime member (IQ>150, SD15) [SH.001513]
  • Member of Mensa International (IQ>132, SD16)
  • Member of LUG@Wisc


  • Sophermore at University of Wisconsin - Madison, Majoring Actuarial Science and Computer Science
  • Graduated from
    • Suzhou Industrial Park ******* Experimental Middle School
    • ********* Primary School of Jiangsu Province

Hobbies & Specialties

  • Piano (mainly some famous instrumentals, and some OP/EDs from popular animes)
  • Erhu, A traditional Chinese Violin-like two-string instrument
  • Cosplay Post-Processing
  • Software Magician

This page is still in draft state