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I’m a student (double-) majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I love hacking on compilers, distributed systems and automations.

On the research side, I’ve been focusing on the systems for machine learning, e.g. large-scale ML training system, DNN compilers, and other performance optimization tricks. My research updates can be found at a separate website

Outside of programming, I have (very) broad interests in the creativity area and technologies. When I have spare time, I do digital impromptu painting at home, and photography if I’m traveling. I’m currently exploring model rocketry, aiming to build a 3D-printed VTVL rocket with a fully functional control system. All the blogs and showcases on tech and arts can be found on my main website:

If you fancy a chat, or want to have a discussion on anything broadly related to technology and creativity, feel free to drop me an email.

F=TSτF = T \nabla S \tau

This blog site is written using React, TailwindCSS and Astro. The theme was based on AstroPaper, which I’ve carefully chosen to go for a clean and minimal design. I will only feature programming related blog post here, so the site doesn’t need to be over-designed. My updates and thoughts on other topics are and will be covered in the main website.

All posts are rendered in monospace fonts. Main content font is set to prefer Jetbrains Mono, and all headings use the iA Writer Duospace semi-monospace font. You can use the browser’s Reader Mode or subscribe to the site RSS Feed to read the articles under a format and typefont to your desire.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all content on this website is shared under the Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence.