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关于我 About Me


View the world modestly, attentively and calmly

关于我 about me


"When I looked back, everyone was far away"

关于我 about me

| Cool-headed Geek | Faithful Listener | Mind Swimmer | Ever-Loner | THE Software Magician |

A mind of Science with a passion for Arts

To be, lifelong learner, free lance and traveler

Brief Intro

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Computer Science, Math double majors at University of Wisconsin - Madison


Desktop App Development, Differentiable Programming & Deep Learning, Unix System Architecture, Decentralized Network, Website Backend


Need internship; Attention Deficit Disorder; Single; Photo Post-Production; Piano, Erhu; ...

What I Do

Below { Hobbies | Business | Cultivation | Pastime }

  • Programming

    Build some utility programs, half of them is open source. A faithful Vim user, (and VSCode user sometimes). #EverVim

    -> My Software

  • UI/UX Design, Photo Processing, Cosplay Post-Production

    Maybe good at photo processing, (with Photoshop and Affinity Photos). I do the design work for my own software, and do some post-production for cosers (when I have time).

    -> Contact me for Cos AfterEffects

  • Make & Enjoy Music

    Music is my second language. I play some nice Anime OP/ED-s(but I don't watch them), acoustic pieces and some Chinese song. I'm still making some sheet work in my spare time. (Also I play Erhu...)

    -> Some music sheets that I made or love

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Quotes that I believe

Walter O'Brian

CEO of Scorpion Computer Services

Never hobble your intelligence for anyone. The world needs to catch up to you, because if it can, even just a little bit, imagine what a beautiful place it could be.

Deepak Chopra

American author, public speaker

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.

Winston Churchill

Former British Prime Minister

Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong